Student Transportation Payment System
School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan) Student Transportation Payment System

SD23 Online Transportation Request Form
STEP 2 - Number of Transportation requests

Number of Requests
  1. identify how many children in your family you are submitting transportation requests for

A family plan is available for families who have 4 or more children riding the bus:

  • $225 For 1 child per year
  • $450 For 2 children per year
  • $563 For 3 children per year
  • $675 For 4 or more children per year

The maximum payment for a family is the equivalent of paying for four children ($675)

Early registration and payment of at least the 1st installment of the Student Transportation charge by June 30th will result in a discount of at least $25.00 per child.

Upon registering a student for the bus, an email with rate and payment information will follow, at a later date. Please contact the Transportation office if you have questions or concerns.